June 9 - December 31, 2019




now highly offensive, for a Native American




In solidarity with the indigenous community, we have created this campaign to raise awareness of their continued struggle to remove logos and names that represent them throughout team sports, specifically the NFL’s Washington DC franchise. The initiatives found here are a combination of traditional methods for creating awareness and support as well as new methods utilizing social media as a contemporary tool to disseminate information.

The inappropriateness of continuing to use this name a.) within a society that nearly eliminated the entire indigenous population b.) for profit and c.) while disregarding the calls from tribes and organizations to remove the name and logo has to be reconsidered and ultimately changed.

Throughout this page you will find current definitions of a “redskin”, a financial divestment plan, an artistic interpretation, links to successful change and all of which can be used by you to communicate that using the team’s name is no longer acceptable.


usually offensive


Miririam Webster





In support of indigenous people we are calling upon individuals, organizations, foundations, religious institutions, non-profits, the States of Virginia and Maryland, the District of Columbia, and the United States Government to adopt culturally responsible investing practices and divest in the following companies that support the NFL franchise in Washington DC. We have provided a letter that can be downloaded and sent to your financial advisors to begin the process. It includes the following corporate sponsors and their stock market abbreviations.

Anheuser-Busch (BUD) - Samsung (SMSN.IL) - Merrill Lynch (MER-PK) - Sprint (S) - FedEx (FDX) - Bank of America (BAC) MasterCard (MA) - Canon (CAJ) - 7Eleven (SVNDY) - Diageo (DEO) - Adidas (ADDYY) - Pepsico (PEP)


Older Slang: Disparaging and Offensive



Please add your name to our list of supporters to remove the team name and logo. Responses will be published by the end of each day, if not sooner.

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Sanguine • Joshua Sandoval • Omar Solorio • Cat Chiu Phillips • Alonzo Davis • Kumasi J. Barnett • Emily Conover • Sharif Shakhshir • Seth Pringle • Patrick Condon • Devin Thor • Tasheen Stallings • Shomari Wills • Katie Powell • Erin Adams • Adrienne DeVine • Andrea Hirsh • Niama Sandy • Michael Massenburg • Scott Froschauer • Joel Garcia


Anonymous Gear Throwback

The biggest statement we can make is by not purchasing, wearing, or displaying the R’skins logo or team name. We are encouraging everyone to remove all decals from your automobile and workplace. Soon we will share drop off locations where you can bring anything that includes the logo and team name such as clothing, blankets, car covers, yard signs, dishes etc.

We are currently looking for a partner who would work with us to repurpose or recycle all of the donations. If you know of someone or are that someone, please let us know.


Offensive Slang Used as a disparaging term for a Native American

The American Heritage Dictionary


Marshall’s Option

In 1931, George Preston Marshall was searching for the right name for his new NFL team and asked for five options to choose from. Read how Sanguine and Joshua Sandoval uncovered this untold story.

(The link contains potentially offensive images.)


DateD, offensive:

A North American Indian




We understand that the indigenous community is facing greater threats than the name of this team, but this issue and the lack of support is evidence of the absence of empathy toward people throughout this country who are marginalized and underrepresented in nearly all aspects.

If we can work together to change the name of this team maybe we’ll grow a little closer toward achieving success in other aspects of this country?

We ask everyone to share and add your thoughts to this campaign. We will share the Offensive and its individual components throughout the 2019 season in an effort to generate adequate support to encourage the ownership to begin discussions with the indigenous community to change the name and logo.