About Sanguine

Sanguine is an internet-based art gallery featuring historically underrepresented groups of artists.

We strive to introduce the artists that we work with to a wide audience through the multiple channels now available across the world wide web. We work with each artist to create an exhibition, essay, and podcast episode. All essays and podcasts are available here on our website and through Apple Music and News.

In addition to our multimedia platform, artists receive 100% of all artwork sales. Sanguine is not a 501c3 non-profit organization and is therefore supported through private funding. The gallery is also supported through voluntary contributions made by the artists in an amount determined by them based on their experience after an artwork is sold.

All contributions made to the gallery are invested in its growth. No individual working for or with the Sanguine Gallery receives any fee or compensation for their role in the project other than those who have contributed creative content for the advancement of the artist’s exhibition,e.g., essay contributors.

At times, we will use our platform to feature projects that promote the work and scholarship of individuals in disciplines other than visual art.

Sanguine is a Thomas Canavan project advised by Art Historian-Curator Isabel Rojas-Williams and Artists Judithe Hernández and Patssi Valdez.

Ultimately, the goal is to create more awareness and security for artists so they may find additional opportunities to communicate their perception and experience in the world.

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